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Hey everyone i just recently wanted to Clone my mother plant of GSC. With this being my first attempt at cloning i watched multiple videos on how to do it so i said why not try. I have a humidity Dome with a Light placed right on it. Supplies i used were Dyna Root Gel the Pargo quick drain cubes. When i took my cuttings from my mother plant i dipped the stem in water then applied Gel to all of them and put them in the dome with the light but my Leaves seem down pointed? Like stressed out and now not sure if they are gonna root or not ive had them in for 1 day i know it takes about a week or two to root but is this normal? Where i live it gets up too 90 degrees outside so it may be too hot for them? I sprayed water on them too May i please get some advice. I would greatly appreciate it. Here a picture of them


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7 Too 15 days is normal in a dome. Make sure you spray one or two times a day. Leafs dropping is normal for they do not have roots so they are feeding threw leafs until they grow roots out. Spray inside of dome lid as well to keep the humidity up as well. If you have any root growth nutes you and do a very very light mix in a spray bottle as well to feed plants to help with faster root growth. I always say cut off lower growth on plants when ever you can to practice until you get a way down that works good for you. I have videos on my forums as well that might help you. If you need links just let me know and I will send them to you. I have cloned thousands of clones from many different strains anything I can do to help just ask away. I am doing a clone off this week as well to show four different nutes and how they work on my youtube page and will post them on my forums. Wish you the best and again any ? just post away. Keep it growing green
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