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help with coco and cal mag


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I grow in coco coir, and r/o my r/o is 5ppm. My last grow I used AD cal mag grow witch brought my water to about 150 ppm before mixing nutrients. Then in flower I used AD cal mag bloom 150ppm before nutrients throughout flower then at about week three they got a lock out and went to shit. This grow I stopped cal mag when I switched to flower. They looked great then I got a mag deficientcy. So I foliar sprayed with epson salt and cleared it up.
Im on week 4 now I feed 3 times then a little flush then feed 3 and flush. The guy at the hydro shop told me to use cal mag every other feed but im afraid to. I was thinking when I do my flush to add some cal mag or epson? Any help is appreciated. My plants are doing good now just a few leaves show a little bit of mag def.I did a gallon of r/o water flush in each 2 gallon pot. Then I flushed again with a gallon and tsp of epson. But today I started seeing little spots like a calcium deficiency. I stoped cal mag when I switched to flower.I have advanced nutrients cal mag grow and bloom. Maybe next time ill use keep using cal mag a week or two into flower. My r/o is 5ppm I always mix cal mag first. The cal mag bloom if I followed the instructions 2ml per liter it would raise it to about 450ppm. I only use about a quarter of that.
What should ppm of cal mag should I make my water before adding nutrients? And how long into flower should I use it for? I also just got a bottle of dyna gro mag pro to use when I stop cal mag. Ive also heard its good to charge coco with 400ppm of cal mag before planting clones? if I do that do I continue on using cal mag throughout the grow cycle? And I checked my runoff ph 5.7 to 5.8. My last grow it was about ph 4 lol
Thanks for all your help! ! Oh and this is all og kush taho platinum and original og kush.

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