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Help with diagnosis


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You can see some leaf burn and curl starting from the UVB.


5 days later. Not much change. These true 12 week strains grow slow. Lol





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Those are some nice photographs. Clear and in focus and good backgrounds.

They do a good job of showing the spiral in the node spacing and positioning when the plant becomes sexually mature and goes into full flowering.
Thanks. They’re just from my phone.

Very Sativa structure. They do spiral. mostly because the continue to stretch late into flowering.

They don’t form that big top knot cluster like indica leaning plants. But each bud is pretty good size, and there’s a bunch of them.


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Well, this week has seen a lot of yellowing and fan leaf ugliness. Normal end of cycle stuff.

it’s kinda sad to see vibrant healthy plants begin end of life stages.
I know what you mean. I see the same sort of thing on the Marijuana plants and on many types of garden vegetables.

Sadly it is kind of like what happens at end of life for people. Bones, joints, muscles and body organs just getting older and worn out. Best to accept it and make a few jokes about it. Gonna sit down with a buddy next week and have a few beers and laugh at our old age.


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This will be a good yield. Buds are hard as rocks and everywhere.

The buds are smallish as is not unusual with heavy sativas, but there’s just so many
Great @Glookies1 how are you my friend.
Looks like freeken moon rocks hard and shinny .
Hope its your best pull yet.
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