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Help with getting legit seeds!

Baked Hippy

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I've been looking at some websites finding some seeds to grow. But I can't find the perfect site for good seeds cheap and free or cheap shipping!! Please help!!!!!!! Thanks it would be amazing if you can direct me to a legit and good quality site!!!


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Re: Help with getting legit seeds!!??? HELP!!!!

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Remember, you get what you pay for. Herbies does this, and I think a few other sponsors might do this too.. They GUARANTEE delivery when you pay for tracked and insured shipping. So if your seeds get lost, or seized by customs, they'll reship.

Kind of worth the few extra dollars in my opinion. But if free shipping is your hangup, you might end up getting scammed. I read a topic a while back, and can't remember where I saw it, but someone bought seeds from a 'vendor' with prices that were too good to be true, and ended up losing all his money. Look at the seed vendors in the sponsor list, check out their shipping and insurance policies, look at customer service procedures, see who covers lost seeds, check out the freebies being offered, and see who has the strains you want, decide on the best vendor to meet your needs, and make your purchase.

My first 3 purchases were with Herbies.
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