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Help with harvest time

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Hi all.

First time grow here. Jack Herer. 55 days into flowering. All organic..only dirt/water.

Pics I took this morning. I am looking for amber but don't see any. Am I just missing it or none there?

Plz don't hate..I am sure that I have done a hundred things wrong.

Looks good , those Jack Herer's aren't easiest to grow , look's early but as with anybody without seeing the tric's it'd be a guess
normaly I see the white hairs(pistols) start to look burnt, twisted and sometimes change color before I see any trics developing on my plants and weeks( about 4) before harvest. I don't see any of that going on so I woud say you have a while to go.

your on day 55, is that from when you flipped the lghts? I wouldn't use that date cuase it can take them some time( a day or 2 up to 2 weeks ) to adjust to the change
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Thanks for the info. I finally found some pics online that show amber tric's so now I know what I am looking for. I didn't know about the day tracking and flipping the lights thing. I need to be more patient. Need this for migraines so it's hard to wait. Thanks again. I will post more pics to this post as the girls mature.
I feel ya ! same boat here , migraines for head injury waiting on girls to supply much needed relief
remember the longer you wait the more potent so try not to early sample
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I sampled one last night...quick dried in 5 hrs....tasted like sh*t and almost no effect.

We did talk about it first, me n the girls, and decided a small sacrifice was warranted.
Lol my mom does that with the popcorn buds, I believe she uses a brown paper bag for a day or two. But its a nice looking plant. I don't know if it's true, and I'm sure it depends on the strain, but I notice when stems start to purple like that soon after the leaves start to yellow like it's sucking the nitrogen from the leaf to supply the flowers. I use this as a sign to bump nutes up. I always thought nitrogen wasn't needed much in flower but have to keep supplying it in the first 3-4 wks in flower to slow/stop progression of leaves yellowing so early. Have u noticed yellowing in lower fan leaves, especially lower ones durring the past 7-8 wks? Just curious if this theory holds water. Happy grows buddy, hope ur medicine comes out nice
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Not much yellowing of leaves at all. I burned a couple with the lights but other than that not bad just not as "deep" green as they once were. I am growing totally organic so no nute bump.
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Two more questions....Why don't my girls smell like weed? A very slight smell but nothing even close to what I am used to.

2nd...I read about some people going totally dark for 48hrs before harvest? Thoughts?
The smell is a genetic trait, so not all plants exhibit that trait.

A friend has tried the dark cycle with no benefits noticed, and I have not read any science to prove it helps.


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Hey Pamick... It looks like others have already answered you but I wanted to also chime in...

by the looks of your photos, you probably are about 3-5 weeks away from harvesting.

Here is what I look for...

First... The white hairs (pistils) will turn from white to amber/orange and sometimes other colors like pink or purple, as these hairs turn from white to amber, you will see the little pods they grow out of (calyx) start to swell, as these calyx swell more and more your buds will fatten up and become dense. When you see all the white hairs pretty much turn amber, this is when you want to start checking your trichomes weekly. The amber hairs (pistils) will turn from amber healthy looking to amber/brown shrivled looking and this is usually right around the same time that the trichomes are starting to turn cloudy/amber. Depending on what type of effect you are looking for, this will determine when you harvest...

If you like a more energetic type high, then you want to harvest when the trichomes are cloudy
If you like a more sedative couchlock type high, then you want to wait until the trichomes turn about 15-40% or more amber...

Hope this helps...

your plants look good though, just keep up what you have been doing and give them some more time and you will get more flavor, effect and smell. This usually gets more and more as the plants age and build up the oils and terpenes, so you will gradually smell them more and more as time goes on...


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Hi PAMick, thanks for uploading pics with your post. I agree with all the advice above, seems like you will have to wait a bit longer.
Decent optics (Jeweler's loupe/hobbyists microscope) will help you determine the right time to harvest, that's why Antics asked you about it. I am still a rookie (just two grows hydro, and now going for my first organic grow in soil, thxs 420mag for all the info) but if I can offer you any kind of advice from experience, that would be to take the guesswork out of the way and get something to check them trichs... As other already said, depending on the medicinal effect you are looking for, you will want different ratios of amber and cloudy trichs, 50%-50% being a good rule of thumb.
Best wishes with your grow and hope this medicine helps with migraines...


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Hi Icemud, if I wait till trichs turn 50/50 amber/cloudy will it be past the optimum harvest window? I was under the impression one has to wait till they are half cloudy half amber. Just starting a new grow after a while, Cali Kush... Should I wait till 15-40% then? Thanks in advance!