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Help with IWS Flood and Drain


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Hey 420,

Need some help!!

Iv just purchased an IWS 12 Pot Pro Flood and Drain system. I'm only using 8 of the 12 pots so my res will be 150L. Im not quiet sure on the flooding times or show long to flood for. Iv only ever grown in soil.

My medium: 80/20 Mix - Clay Pebbles/Coco in 9L Aqua Pots.

My plants are only 2 weeks old and iv already messed up. I thought they wouldn't need to be feed for 2 weeks but that was obviously wrong as i have 4 growing in all mix soil and they are twice the size, all potted at the same time. Iv read using a non mix medium like Clay Pebbles or Coco they should be feed at 1/4 strength for the first 2/3 weeks. Iv just been watering them with pH 5.5 water. Lesson learned!!

So my main questions.

1) How many times per day should i flood them ?
2) How long should i food them for ?
3) When feeding them at 1/4 strength, does that include additives or just the base nutes ? Im using AN line Coco base nutes and a few of the additives. Or should i be going off the EC ?

Sorry for the newbie questions im sure once iv run it for a while ill figure things out but for now im a little stuck as to what i should be doing. Iv read online and checked the forums but im seeing a lot of different advice. Some say flood for 5 mins 4/5 times a day and others say flood for 45 mins 2/3 times a day. I know it will be different the older the get and with the grow room conditions but for now i just need some help to get me started off.

Thanks in advanced :Namaste:


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As you can see from the photos, the soil Incredible Bulk are massive compared to the Incredible Bulk in the hydro. Assuming it's due to the all mix soil. The 8 in hydro were the biggest when taken them from the propagator.



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