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Help with lights please


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I've got a T5 Ho 2' X4bulbs over my clone/veg shelf.
I've got 2 100w cfl's in clamp lights and a 2' "grow" tube over my mother.
My clones will only be there for 3 weeks then go to the flower area.
I read that clones don't need as much light so I'm thinking of switching the lights.
I know that my mother will love the T5's. I may need a 2nd mother to get 6 clones
every 3 to 4 weeks and eventually run 2 strains perpetually, but that is down the road.


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It really depends on your grow room and setup. Clones do not need much light, the the timing and spectrum are more important as well. I personally use a custom LED panel made of 1 watt diodes that has 3 455nm blue, 6 cool white ~6800k, and 3 red (two 660nm and 1 630nm) diodes. This is used over my DIY aerocloner, which is about 12"x18". Once the roots are developed (about 3-6 inches long and fish boning) they are moved into veg. After about 1 week or so (to get used to the transplant) is when you would want them under the HOT5 or a gradually increasing light intensity. When the root system is fully developed, blast them with all the light they can handle.

Depending on how you take clones, will change the light you want to give the mother. If you are using an areocloner, you want your stems a little longer to go through the collar and have area for the root mass to develop. This means give her a little bit more red to elongate the branches for clones. If you are taking shorter clones and placing them in rockwool or coco or the like less red for more bushy shorter internode length.

I do agree that placing the HOT5's over the mother would be a better trade off with your current equipment. But you didn't mention how many times you transplant them or what the flowering light is. You don't want to take a plant from very little light to a 1k watt HPS overnight. It stresses them out a bit.


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Thanks Hosebomber
as always a great answer
I start flowering under a bank of 12 cfl's
then finish under my led's with a "grow tube in between for more blue.
I'm just finishing my bubble cloner today so I'll need longer cloans.
I guess I'll just add a 3rd clamp light with a 2700 cfl for red to stretch her.
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