HELP with lights thanks


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Hi guys just needing a little help i will be growing 4 plants

125 watt CFL 9500 lumens 6400k
200 watt CFL 16000 lumens 2700k
400 watt HPS 58000 lumens 2700k

Veg Cycle
4 Weeks
125 watt cfl
200 watt cfl will this affect anythin cause of wrong colour

Flower Cycle
8 Weeks depends on how long it takes
200 watt CFL lower buds
400 HPS

Will this be enough for my both cycles or should i give Veg cycle the extra 200 watt aswell any info on this will be appriecated THANKS


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I would probly add a little more light for the veg stage :) after all we want her to grow big and strong. I would think that to be enough for one plant but four may need more light than that. I dont think you can put to much light on these suckers. I used 5 100w cfl on one plant for the veg worked great.:Rasta:
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