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Help with Lumi-Grow LED grow lights Blue & Red Settings.


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Hi everyone, I am so new to all of this I can win the bet i'm greener than plant matter!!!
I am on my maiden venture with a complete 3 room grow. I purchased 100% Lumi-Grow LEDS for the whole grow. I am not successful in finding any good information regarding the settings of the Blue & Red spectrums. I am hoping for someone with experience of the Lumi-Grows what the sweet spots settings are.
I have 2 128 EZ Cloners with 1-325 for each site. 2 lights total.
For veg. I have 4 trays, 3 x 6 with 2-650 each for a total of 8 lights.
I am ready to purchase my clones and set the cloners and need some help on the settings without frying my plants.
Any help with the Bloom & Flower settings is also sought.
Would really appreciate any suggestions seeing I have never ran a 100% LED Grow.
Thanks for any and all support and I will be needing good reference because there seems to be no information.
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