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Help with my little ones


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Hi there, Long time lurker first time poster.
I have set up a wardrobe grow and have started my my first test run but the plants are looking real sick.
I am running a mix of potting mix and perlite for medium ( cant get Fox farm in my country), at first my tap water was at about 6.9 -7 ph until i bought myself a digital ph meter. i have dropped it to about 6.3 now for about a week or so. Run off water didn't change ph
i am running a 180w UFO led as lighting.

2 plants are apparently Jack Herrer and another only known as gold. these were given to me for the test run.



this is a scan of one of the leaves
I was first told it was nute lockout due to the high ph so i watered with lower ph water and real low strength Dutch master Gold A&B Grow.
Someone else said it looked like light bleach. the LED was 40cm above the plants so i have been testing it higher and will lower it again in a week or so.

I could just start again but i want to eliminate the issue. I am thinking the light is probably garbage and will have to replace it.

Can anyone help?


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Impossible to tell just from pics but id be changing soil to something a little less rich im no expert on all the technicalities but to me it looks like u have some form of acid problem


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Thanks for the suggestion.
I re-potted them with some std potting mix that didn't have any added fertilizer about a week ago.
I originally started them in an organic potting mix with perlite but thought that might have been the issue.

I can see they have a bit of nute burn so i flushed 2 with some 6ph water. I'll leave them alone and see if they improve in the next week or so. All 3 plants are still producing new growth.


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Yeah man its all trial and error when ur new to growing :) personally id snip any damaged or discoloured leaves off aswell that way it wont be putting energy into trying to bring them back to life but will focus on new growth :) im no expert but i have grown some dank shit haha


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If you're still having issues be sure to check the water alkalinity of your local water supply (assuming you're using tap water), the water pH is less of a concern than the water alkalinity. Water alkalinity is specific to the carbonate and bicarbonate levels. Water alkalinity directly affects the pH of your growing medium.The pH levels of your water do not directly affect the pH levels of your growing medium. Water pH will affect the solubility of fertilizers, fungicides, and insecticides. The higher your water’s pH the less soluble these substances become.

Food for thought. if you want more info on pH vs. alkalinity you can check out my blog: Understanding pH vs. Alkalinity - Blogs - 420 Magazine ®

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