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Help with new cab grow(exhaust,carbon filter


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I need some advice from you guys. I am going to use a 2 1/2x 3 x 6 grow cab. This will be in a closet in my house. I am worried about stealth. I would like to run and exhaust fan with a carbon filter. I would like to mount the filter in the top of the cab and the exhaust fan in the attic above the ceiling of the closet so there is no noise. So I'm figuring that it would take 3 to 4 feet of hard duct to run through the roof of the closet. What size fan and filter should I use? I was thinking of using a Panasonic whisper inline fan in the attic to reduce noise. I would like family to be able to come over and know nothing about this. Any advice on brands of fans , carbon filters, and sizes. I will be using cfl lighting so temps shouldn't be a prob with the house being ac and all. Would it be possible to put both the fan and the filter in the attic attached with ducting through the roof to the top of the cab? Please help a newb out--thanks


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I put my carbon filter on the floor with an inline fan on top of it and push the air through my light to cool it and exhaust it into the attic. I have a variable speed switch for my fan and it's quiet as a mouse this way. I would choose a closet that is away from heavily trafficked areas. Heres some good info for what size fan you will need.420 Magazine ® Also this will help with so many questions you may have in the future.Marijuana Grower's Handbook
Hope this helps
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