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Help with problem please


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I have my bubblegum and blueberry plants. I flowered 8 yesterday and kept 1 blueberry for my mother. Some crazy shit is going on with my leaves. Before I show the pics ill just let you know that I have been watering these plants with the nutrient solution every other watering and that the strength of the solution is 1/4 the recomended. I am using General Hydroponic 3 part Flora Grow, Bloom and Micro, as well as 2 drops of superthrive. So here are the pics:

This is how it all starts. The little rust colored spots starting at the tip and going up the leaf.


Here is an older leaf, this is what it looks like after a couple more days.


This is what happens to it at the end. It eventually falls off.


This is the mother that all the pics were taken from. The same thing is happening to my flowering plants. After all she was right next to them until just yesterday.
It was time to water today so I watered with a 1/4 strength solution but added 1 tsp epsom salt(I think its a mag deficiency). Hopefully we will see what happens. Please help experts.


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Re: Help with problem please...

And I dont think its nute burn, the soil pH is right around 6.5, and i have given very light nutrients. Should I up the nutrients slightly and see if there is imrovement. I probably wont water again with nutes for about a week, cause I water with plain water every other time. Hopefully they dont keep getting bad.
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