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Help with SCROG and flowering questions


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This post is also in my grow journal which I gladly invite you to check out. (link is on the bottom of my post) For my first grow, I believe I am doing a rather well job on my ladies, but have a few questions which I have not been able to get strait answers on...Can anyone help???

If anyone has done SCROG before....how much longer by looking at my pic's (page 5 of my grow journal) would you recommend me to veg??? I put the clones in on April 8th so its been close to 6 weeks of Veg...Should I flower this Friday?(today is Monday) I also plan on Lollipopping the lower branches that aren't receiving any light, especially on the blue dragon....When should I lollipop? vs Flower.
I have read that you should lollipop during veg because it will stress the plants and you have a better chance of not producing hermes If done in veg vs flower..I also have read you can leave the lower branches alone in a Scrog...so what would be recommended by looking at my setup?
Also....I know its kind of a random questions....What do you use to water your ladies that are in the far back???? I was thinking a hose and a pump might work well but also expensive...any cheap watering solutions for hard to reach plants?
Since I'm using organics I have read it is not as essential to flush between veg and flower, would you recommend it anyways? And if yes is the answer, should I just use ph balanced distilled water, or should I add a flushing agent? (remember I am trying to stay as organic as possible)
For flower I plan on using the full EJ line including grow(first 2-4 weeks of flower only), bloom, micro, meta k and catalyst. I also have Humboldt purple maxx, snowstorm and gravity for bloom, botanicare cal/mag, advanced nutrients carboload and un-sulfured molasses. I enhanced my soil with two high phosphorus and potassium guano soil additives. Is there anything else I should add to my nutrient regiment for bloom?

I also have been adding green coconut water to my nutrient feedings because of many available micro and macro nutrients, very high potassium and sugars, also has many growth hormones...plants seem to love it!!
I have also read when switching from 18/6 to 12/12, some use a 24 hour dark period to induce flowering quicker and limit stretching. Should I consider doing a 24 hour dark period with the SCROG method since the screen is already 1/2 to 3/4 full? (I also have the humbolt products which are supposed to cut flowering down anyways?)

I have also read people not giving a 24 hour dark period and doing fine as well...and I read that some say to lower your lighting regiment slowly going from 18 to 16 to 14 to 12 in steps....What is best?
Any advice given will be considered and appreciated. Please feel free to comment.!!

Thanks everyone....stay tuned because the fun part is coming up....


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