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Help with sexing of plants.


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Hello all, I am in need of some help please. I have 12 plants that are about 6 inchs tall and 6 weeks old. They are in a supercloset side by side. I germinated too soon before getting the closet and had to transplant 2 times before going into the closet. At this point I have 12 babys in the veg chamber they are about 5 inchs tall and are doing great. The ones up top have been 12-12 for around 3 weeks. I am just trying to get the rotation going from veg to flower so in another 2 weeks I will move the established over and the ones from the veg chamber to the flower chamber and start new veg on the bottom.I am looking to get a 5 -6 week rotation going. The question I have is the ones in the flower chamber are starting to bud from the tops. 8 have the looks of females, and the other 4 seem to be growing in a cluster from the top of the plant. Since this is a short flower cycle (10 weeks) should I be concerned about the ones that seem to be males? If in fact they are males will they be buds with seeds or will they only be clusters of seeds? High times said that due to the short flowering cycles you dont need to worry just let them grow. I would like the opinion of you all since these forems have been such a help allready. Thanks in advance.
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