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help with soil


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hi,i'm new here, & have an issue i'm trying to figure out what to do...a friend of mine gave me some plants, these where clones & are between 8-12 inches high, now i have to transplant them into bigger pots...this is where the problem is he put them in some garden dirt from his back yard, not sure what they came to him in, but he's being feeding them some miracle grow 20-20-20, now that i need more soil for replanting & i would like to put them in organic stuff with all the goodies, but the stuff seems to all come with nutrients, which i didn't want since i'll still be giving them 20-20-20. but if i repot with using the nutrients that's in the new stuff then how does the plant roots reach food before they die because i'm assuming i can't feed them more. & if i get regular soil like he had i need to add all the goodies to the soil & after looking everywhere in my area, can't get it. so is there an answer? & keep in mind in canada we can't get alot of the soils that are available in the u.s.
thanks for any advise
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