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Help with the Cannabis Revival, in Missouri


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Here ya' Go Doc, your chance to come out, out of town :3:

From Joplin NORML:
Date: Aug 8, 2007 4:32 PM
As with any free festival of this size Joplin NORML needs help recouping the cost of all the expenses. You can help in a number of ways, the most beneficial way is to sponsor our event. Click here
Cannabis Revival 2007 by Joplin NORML
for more information on sponsoring Cannabis Revival 2007.

Another way to help is to vend at our event. We have free vending, all we ask is you donate 10% or more of your sales to Joplin NORML at the end of the festival to help us offset some cost. More information and the vending application can be found online here.Cannabis Revival 2007 by Joplin NORML

And last but not least, we need volunteers for security, parking, stage help, clean-up, and load in/load out. If you are interested in volunteering for Cannabis Revival 2007 visit our website at Cannabis Revival 2007 by Joplin NORML

If you have any more questions, direct them to the info below.

Kelly Maddy
Joplin NORML

Phone: 417.291.0135
Email: kelly@joplin-norml.org

Jim Finnel

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i live here. its bad but many of the local cops are pretty stupid. if you use your head you should be ok. the state cops are smarter but can't seem to stay out of the road when they get out of their vehicles. its amazing how many are killed in this state by traffic mishaps.

joplin is near oklahoma border off I44.
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