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I've got myself into a bit of a problem.

I have 8 clones in veg for 49 days with heavy defoliating & topping a couple times waiting to go into tent (they are in closet in dwc under 4 cfl's) when I pull my current grow out to harvest. I'll probably get to pull them in a week or so.


1. These clones are kinda massive with all the defoliating, fim, topping I did. Six of them are between 15"-17" tall, one is 9-10", one is 12-13". ALL are going to be very wide bushes.

2. I have in my tent already two DWC tubs just like tulips tutorial. They can be seen in my 1st grow journal link in sig. I turned them into rdwc when I got a chiller. They are linked with drain tubes at bottom to a "T" line, to the external pump to the chiller. Then out the chiller to another "T" between the two tubs near their top to fill. This works fine with two tubs, though maintaining even water levels can be a challenge.

3. I need to add another tub since I can't afford to build a whole new 6-8 bucket rdwc presently.

4. I really think in the back of my mind they will be too big for the tent and too big for the tubs with 3 plants in two of them.

5. The biggest issue if I do put them all in there is how to RDWC without a main feed reservoir. Just strictly recirculating them all. The issue with a main feed res is zero room in the tent. Outside the tent the issue becomes how do I use only 1 reservoir (another 10g tub) and get proper water levels in tent.

I have a partial design idea I need feedback on. Using my terrible mspaint skills, I have a pic below. Now, the issue is where exactly do I put the feed / drain lines in the tubs? I have 3/4" tubing presently. Two tubs already have holes - lines set up in bottom and top. Feeding them is no issue with my 395gph external pump going to the chiller and filling from the top.

However, if run in series they wont get "pumped" into tubs 2 & 3.

So how do I feed all tubs? Where do I put each line, feed and drain from one tub to the next?


Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
Ok here's my latest design idea since I just cant get all the buckets and what not.

I forgot to change the drawing a little bit. Pretend all the blue lines are 1.5" pvc at the BOTTOMS of tubs. The line to the ext pump becomes 1/2"-3/4".

Yes steve I have. That's what I'm going for but without a separate main res. The return from the chiller will be directly into tub #1 with 2-3 plants in it. Acting as the main feed res. Weekly res changes will only be a little harder, and take a little more time. I may hook up a y off the pump with two valves for draining out the entire system via the ext pump.

If I had not been such a tight ass and bought a 5x5 or larger tent rather than the 4x4 I have, I would run a main res. Oh well, maybe one day this tent will be just a part of my growing room(s). Rather than basically the only.
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