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Help with Trichomes!


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Hi everyone! :welcome:
I'm new on the forum and a first time grower. Now:
I've been growing 3 plants (White Widows) in my closet with a 180W LED (incl. IR and UV) grow light.
After I switched to a 12/12 cycle, they first started to show flowering signs around the 15th of July:


taken 15th of July

By now, 28 days have passed which means that week 5 starts now.
But one of the plants has already a lot of brown pistols, which i know is an indicator to check the trichomes. My Buds still aren't that big and I hope I can let the plants flower for some more weeks. Week 5 is way to early?!?

Below you can see the picture of the one plant with the most brown pistols and the one with the least.

Since it is my first time, I don't really know if I'm able to distinguish between a clear and a cloudy trichome. I would appreciate your opinions!


taken 12th of August: Bud with the most brown pistols


taken 12th of August: Bud with the least brown pistols



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Thanks paddysmoke!
I've seen this picture, but still couldn't really tell the difference between clear and cloudy.
But now I know that what I'm seeing is cloudy. Thanks a lot!!

But isn't that way too early? It has been 5 weeks (the most) since I switched the cycle... damn!
Is the bud with less brown pistols all cloudy as well? To my eyes it looks a little more clear.

thanks again!


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in sunlight:

1) Plant with lots of brown pistols:


2)Plant with least brown pistols:



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It has been 5 days since I posted the last pictures. If someone is still interested, I've made some more pics!
There are still no signs of amber trichomes, even though nearly all pistols turned brown on one plant. Hopefully they'll stay cloudy for some more time.

plant with mostly brown pistols:

taken 17th of August

plant with the least brown pistols:



taken 17th of August


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nice pics , yes almost all cloudy i would say 75% cloudy , what kind of stone are you looking for , high or couch stone ?

thanks! I'm preferring a high where I still can function to some extend. :D ... more cloudy trichomes and not to many amber ones. I guess I'll wait until I can make out the first amber trichomes before I'll harvest. On the pics one could think there are a few amber ones, but its just the picture.
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