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Help with wiring ballast and light


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What's up everyone i"'m just in the middle of setting up my second tent, I got a 600w hps with reflector and ballast but no wireing. Is this normal? In Ireland light kits always came with wires. The last time I bought a whole grow tent with lights etc the wires came. This grow shop does not sell wires and we have some language barrier so they cannot accuse me much.. anyway what the hell do I do? I'll attach some pics. Do I need to wire my ballast myself or just buy a connector for the ballast and reflector and a cable to plug the ballast in? What do I call these things? In Spanish would help my seeds have sprouted and are coming on nicely but I think in 3-4 more days they will be ready for the heat of my 600w hps so I really wanna get this going. Thanks people stay high and have a nice day or night


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most ballast systems have adapters to match up with various hoods and light systems... I would start with the manufacturer of the ballast and see what they have to offer, and I would never go back to that grow shop again if I could help it.


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