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12 plants under 800 watts - Full Spectrum. 400 hps and 400 metal halide...

All in Flowering stage staggered roughly 3 weeks apart.

Come home today and the GOT DAMN POWER IS OUT !!!

So, technically, they received about 3 hours of light, then the power went out. Then to boot, the power comes back on so they received about two hours of more light. then back to normal 12 hour schedule... In other words, their 12 hour wake time was interrupted with 7 hours of nap time !!

Two were about ready anyway, so i just pulled them.

My question is will the rest Hermie ?!?!?! I'm more concerned about the ones that are 30 days into flowering....i have been an hour or two off before using cheap azz timers and nothing happened, but nothing like this....

thanks in advance


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Similar thing happened to me. I don't have an answer for you but I am very interested in the replies. I not only had some power outages, my HSP bulb died and I had to replace it.
Good luck


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an extra long dark cycle shouldn't cause problems as long as there are no light leaks, light leaking in while they are suppose to be sleeping is the leading cause of Hermi, its amazing how many people i know that have seed problems and wont seal up their cracks to fix the problem.

also if your strain is already hermi prone then little things like this CAN set it off but prob wont. if my time's get messed up at all i just give them dark untill they are suppose to get light the next time, i wont say i have never had a hermi but i dont have seed problems with this pratice.


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If your area is prone to power outages, then I would get a small generator. I've seen around 1500 watt ones sold at HomeDepot for around $200 to $300.

Here on the prairie we have ice and snow storms in the winter, storms and tornadoes in the spring. Power can be out for a week at a time. I have a 7500 watt generator that can run most of my house (including the grow room).

I also think that an extra day of darkness isn't going to be a problem. Sort of like rainy cloudy days. Do it several times, and yeah there would be a problem. Extra night is much better than extra day though. <s>

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