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I've got a pineapple xpress auto fem auto flower, not looking overly healthy indoors in soil with 20% vermaculite under my bedside lamp, it's middle winter, but I've tried to greenhouse it a bit with soft drink bottle. Have added an all round fertiliser pellets with NPK and liquid fert with xtra Nitrogen. Some leaves curling down, others up. Leaves have regained a bit of color, growth a bit slow:


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Sorry to say but ur pretty much wasting a good seed a bedside lamp is by no means good enough, if it does live and you can flower it you will most likely get a gram of dried bud if ur lucky instead of trying to grow indoors in shitty conditions wait till spring find a good secluded place in the woods and grow enough to keep you going year round :) i use to try grow indoor with minimal lighting and supplies and always failed now i wait till spring and plant as many seeds as i can without being caught
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