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i was woundering is it ok to pinch of the lower fan big fan leafs to let light get to the new branes pluse im kinda low on room seeming im growing in my closet, iv tryed pinching some of one of the plants to exprement an it seemed to be a great hlep in the under growth but somtimes thing can be to good to be true so what im asking is it safe to do so with the rest of my plants or should i just leave them as they are ? i would upload photos only my laptop is f..ked it wont let me do so ,


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:welcome: Wosser to the number 1 site on the web for cannabis awareness!
Hope all is well in your world.
If you intend to grow, I recommend starting a grow journal so our most experienced growers can find and assist you!
Here are some links that may be of assistance to you:

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Welcome. Your more then welcome to check out my threads. I do defoilate especially lower leaves

Another thread you may want to look at is defoilation for greater yields.

Since your new I'd recommend starting a journal. Get your signature set up. And follow bateos links. Here's some other stuff to look into since your kinda small

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Doc buds high brix
Doc bud and hikers thread on bud washing.
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The 4x4 tent club
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