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This plant has been like this transpltng. ı thin will die ıf ı dont anything.. In soil all mix, 600 watt hps, AN calmag extra b52 and grow, temperature off 18 20 on 25 28, humidity %45-65 ph 6 - 6.2 andd the others finee

I'm waiting for your help.


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Wait I will call in some people..
Just clear this out for me in the meantime..

Is humidity HIGH when lights come on? have you noticed wet on leaves? Have you been spraying them with water or foliar feeding?
Look for bugs, just in case. Under leaves in stem joints...

Major PITA

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Broad or russet mites?
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AngryBird thanks for answer. Humidity is lights on 45-55 off 60 75. I have been spraying usually lights off. I fought with the spiders last year i know but I cant any bugs under leaves
Do you own a scope with at least x60. It kinda looks like broad mites. Scope your
leaves top and bottom to rule these out. Broad mites are much smaller than a
spider mite and very hard to see. I had them for few months and couldn't figure it out until I scoped the leaves. Now I'm free of these bastards.