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My plants are one month old, they are about 1 foot tall on its 8th node. I just recently transplanted them from a 4 inch pot into a 10 inch pot about a week ago but when i now lift the pot up, i can see roots growing out of the water exit hole.... does this mean it is root bound? and should i transplant them yet again so soon?

Also.... when should i start flowering them when i want to have a 5 feet tall plant at finish?

i am using a FLoro 40 lights for vegie and am getting a 1000 hps system for budding.... i am planting them by the soma method....
I really dig Soma's flower bed theory...if that's what you mean.

It shouldn't be root bound yet, but it for sure will be if you intend to go for 5 feet height. You should start to flower at about 18-30 inches if its a sativa, and 24-30 if its an indica. (ballpark numbers) They will tend to double or triple in height when you switch to flower times. To get a 5 foot plant you should have her in five gallon (or bigger) pots to finish. Transplant one more time, about a week before you flower.
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