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:439:hi ppl its my first time growing,,my plant its white widow, it has bin budding nearly 2 weeks now,, i keep it under the stairs,,compairing it to some of the pics on here my buds are very small,, i hav,nt used any ph kits nothing like that,,is there any way to get my buds bigger,,and how long shud the budding cycle take,,,,,

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Spray roots with hydrogen peroxid 3%. Thats what I use twice daily & add it to my res. Im in 4th week bloom day 30. Check out my pics.After using that stuff I have noticed my buds getting much bigger.

I add 75ml 3% hydrogen peroxide & 425ml plain water to a spray bottle. Try that out for a week & I bet you will notice a difference.

To my res I add 150ml hydrogen peroxide & 25ml more every 24 hours.
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