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OK heres the deal...

i play college football and smoke alot of weed, some for my lower back but mostly for recreational purposes. someone went to my coach about it on tuesday the 18th. i am going to be tested on monday the 24th (tomorrow) I have been taking 1500-2000 mg of niacin a day, running 2-3 miles/day, ive drank app. a gallon of cranberry juice and many gallons of water, will i be good for my test tomorrow? please reaspond asap.

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i heard niacin is really effective from a few friends but i havent tried it personally...if u felt like u were going to die after you ingested it then you should be fine...i dont know anything about the dose u should take to get the thc out of your system..good luck with the test and post back the results im interested to know if it will work


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Heres the deal and Ill break it down for you honestly.

If your getting tested for a job or sport or anything like that and you try to rid yourself of the THC you have chances of passing.

If your on probation there is no way in hell you will pass the piss test unless you use synthetic urine. These tests read nanograms way lower then a pre-employment test where the cut-off is 100 nanograms.
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