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Helping the elderly


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Having to visit my father in a nursing home. I got to see for myself what the conditions can be like. That makes the fact that all old folks homes are closed to public now even worse. I wish there were better ways that we could be of help. Of course my mind always goes back to weed. It will never happen but I had a fun idea.

Would it be fun to send nursing homes edibles and a In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida CD. Not all would try it but those that did would have a wonderfully peaceful day LOL.

Herby Paisley

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LOL.... I thought about doing that myself then I thought ...Hmmm I bet some hippy grand dad or grandma is probably already in there supplying them with treats!


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It's one of those things you hate to make light of. The idea sounds like fun but it does the elderly no good at all.

It sucks that there is no option. Those few minutes the elderly get with family and friends just can't be replaced.
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