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A Joplin business helped host a meeting on industrial hemp this evening.

It took place at Hachette's hot wings.

Hosted by the Ridge International Cannabis and Crane Home Energy Consulting out of Joplin.

Their goal -- garner support for the hemp industry through education.

Joplin native and Missouri Southern grad and President of the Hemp Industries Association, Anndrea Hermann, told folks what industrial hemp is used for.

From food to clothing and many other things beneficial to the environment.

"I put on this event to educate people, to bring people together, show them what the products are and engage Joplin and the four-state area, in talking with out congress person about industrial hemp," says Hermann.

Industrial hemp is legal to import, but may not be grown in the United States despite a dozen states seeking permission to do so, including Missouri.

Sales of hemp products last year topped $450 million bucks.


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