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Hemp food legislation in Australia


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Hemp seed is one of the richest natural sources of essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9). They also contain up to 35% protein. The protein from hemp seeds contain all of the 20 know amino acids. Hemp seeds come from industrial low THC hemp plants. They do not contain THC.
Hemp food is a huge issue that is very current in Australia. Food standards Australia and New Zealand are Australia's food governing body. They have accepted submission from the public to make hemp foods legal in Australia. They have also done a risk assessment which concludes that hemp foods are safe for all people including children. They are not only safe but because of their exceptional nutritional benefits they could potentially replace our dwindling and contaminated fish stocks.
A ministerial council made up of state ministers will be meeting next year to vote to make hep foods legalised in Australia. Hemp foods are legal in all westernised counties except Australia and New Zealand. Australians please write to you state minister and tell them you would like to see hemp foods legalised.
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You can also buy hulled hemp seeds (legal high quality pet food), hemp cosmetics and fibre. There is also information on hemp building materials and bioremediation of contaminated site using hemp.
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