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Hemp For The Holidays

Jim Finnel

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IPATH Footwear, Inc., a brand at the forefront the positive environmental movement in action sports, has updated its collection of eco-friendly footwear, clothing and accessories for the pending holiday season.

A leader in skateboard footwear since 1999, the new IPATH Holiday collection features a range of products to satisfy the needs of skaters who are turned off by over-tech looking sneakers, but still want performance footwear that handles the demands of modern skateboarding.

Leading the charge for IPATH this season is the new Fred Gall pro-model. The first IPATH pro-model for the new New Jersey Devil, the Gall features a hemp upper in multiple color-ways, removable ankle strap and the industry leading IPATH Coconut Honeycomb Tech (CHT) insole. In addition, like all IPATH footwear, the Fred Gall pro-model features IPATH's signature stash pocket under each tongue.

Old favorites are back in new ways as well. The Wharf, the Cat and Matt Field's pro-model all are available in new versions with hemp and/or synthetic uppers. For those skaters who live in the colder parts of the country, resident IPATH artist Bigfoot has a new shearling lined "Air Bigfoot" mid-top coming out and there will also be shearling lined versions of the Grasshopper and Matt Rodriguez pro-model dropping soon as well.

"Eco-friendly products might be a trend for some, but for IPATH, it's how we've rolled since the beginning," stated IPATH's president Brian Krauss. "By mixing IPATH's signature understated styles with durable, eco-friendly technology, we're providing skaters a different path when it comes to their footwear and clothing options."

In addition to the new footwear, IPATH is stepping up its clothing line as well. Joining the existing IPATH hemp jeans is a full line of organic cotton t-shirts, fitted hats and jackets.

"What many people don't understand about utilizing hemp and other eco-friendly elements in clothing is that when done right, the materials look and feel the same, if not better, than traditional clothing constructions. Our hemp jeans look like regular denim, our t-shirts look, feel and wear like regular t's," continued Krauss.

IPATH's holiday product line will be shipping to skate shops and lifestyle retailers momentarily.

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