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Hemp has now been legalized to grow in Oklahoma


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Well, the State of Oklahoma has now passed a bill and signed by the Governor that allows for growing of industrial hemp for research purposes. So now I'm looking to grow hemp on the farm. I just have no clue how to get that process started, so looking for any assistance or advice. Hoping to start with 1 acre, maybe a little more, depending on what the process is like.

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You have to apply. Then the thorough background check will begin. State regulators keep a very watchful eye on growers/farmers. From what I gathered, they come unannounced and audit the crop. There is also a lot of paperwork. Congrats to your state. Go for it!


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Were hemp legal in ak now too. But lucky its pretty lax. You can already grow weed legally. I assume it will be the same as a commercial cannabis grow in aK. Apply with the state, obtain certification, and they make you document things down to every plant and every gram. Unannounced visits with penalties such as license revocation for seemingly innocent mistakes or errors. Just say on your stuff. Hire an attorney and you'll be glad ya did!

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Hey guys , I’m growing hemp indoors , 3 strains.. harvest is in 1 week.. I wish there was a separate hemp growing section. But I have a grow under the plant & bud photo’s. But I’ll share a couple of my hemp plants here.
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