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hemp housing

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"Using hemp to build is by no means a new idea. French archeologists have discovered bridges built with a process that mineralizes hemp stalks into a long-lasting cement. The process involves no synthetic chemicals and produces a material which works as a filler in building construction. Called Isochanvre, it is gaining popularity in France. Isochanvre can be used as drywall, insulates against heat and noise, and is very long lasting."


HOW WILD would it be to make your house out of hemp, and everything in your house out of hemp. chais, blankets, pillows, tables, pool table, counters.....everything possible to be made out of hemp to be made out of it...obviously, showers, plumbing such things arent realistic..but wow that would be soooo hippied out.
Well personally as a real estate agent i have no personnel experience working with hemp but what the main constraint is too have stiff structure or architecture.So this will be a good choice work out with Hemp seems to me.
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It might sound like a new idea, but people have been using hemp as a building material for a while. In this form of building the masonry is tamped down lightly between the formwork. This produces the highest possible insulation value.