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Hemp me....er, I mean help me!


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Ok, this is my first time trying to grow and I've got a another question. I posted awhile back asking if I could use Coca Cloa as an additive since it has phosphoric acid in it and got slapped around a little on here but it's all good.....So, my plant is going on a little past two months now. I've looked at alot of sources online trying to find how long it should take for a female to flower...PROPERLY....so that buds are evident and I've come across alot of conflicting info. I read that I should expect budding anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 MONTHS!!! depending on whatever post, whatever 420 site, whatever strain, and whatever source I look at...WTF?? So, here's my issue. The plant is healthy with very abundant leaves, obviously female with antennae nodes all over and about 19 inches tall. However, the antennae seem stunted in most parts of the plant, although the top area is showing them to be a little more numerous and stout than the lower area of the plant. I'm using flourescents and Liquid Kharma. Am I impatient and she's just getting ready to bud or have I screwed up.

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WTF about the Cola... lots of folks use it in place of Molasses in teas, it's also a great source of phosphorus as you already stated... you use what you can when you need to right?

I'm guessing the plant is indoors... if that is the case, it's mostly the amount of light hours you are giving them per day! You can force flowering by initiating a 12/12 period.

Do yourself a favor and do some reading... there are all kinds of killer reads here that will help to set you straight on the road to healthy MMJ growing!


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thanks Captain, but I HAVE been reading, alot, and that's why I posted. Simply put, how long can one expect before you can harvest bud worthy product.

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it depend from the strain first second on when you put your light at 12/12 ,to be ready to harvest also depend on the strain from 6 to 8 weeks for normal seeds from when they start to flower .if they are autos then from 2 to 3 month from seeds to be ready
have fun
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yes it sounds like it wants to bud....until you reduce lighting to 12/12 it will continue to grow throwing sex.

Actual budding occurs with the reduced lighting and the longer dark period.

The length of growing time is completely up to you unless it is an auto flowering strain.

You can veg for 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 yrs if you have the space :19:

So generally, approx 2 months of veg then flip to 12/12 and another 8-12 weeks to finish in flower depending on the strain.

As advised, tons and tons of reading here for free :circle-of-love:
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