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hemp oil,not hemp seed oil

mark t allen

New Member
yes it is a well known fact that THC kills cancer cells
and a whole lot more it is a cure all
im in contact with many people of conscience
so if you have cancers ,aids,glacoma,surgar diabetic,etc....
contact me and we can put you through to the man that has been curing cancers since 2003
im 40 and dedicated to the war on our culture and medicine
and i will not hide i will be in the trench....i dont fear them but they will learn to fear us...we will change these laws peacefuly
and we are building an army of support....
so thats me.....i think i got banned as bigdaddy7......
but the cure for cancers is such a moral responsibility
the cure all is here to stay....hempoil cures cancers
sorry s moose and the power that be for my breaking the rules...but i will not be apart of genocide and complicity of genocide
so how much money does 420 want,in canadian dollars... so i can spread the web site and the ph number of rick and bring forth the cure for cancers....
this is everyone health, we are talkin about and have mountains of proof
so unite under one flag,and march we are bigger together...and they know it
little fork nova scotia,canada....the home of the cure for cancer....
ps s moose did i step out of line this time?
thank you mark t allen

Smokin Moose

Fallen Cannabis Warrior
Thank you for re-posting without the hot links to another site. We here at 420 Magazine fully support your mission to bring hemp oil awareness to the world, but we would appreciate you not enticing our members to another site. I have pm'd you with the email address of the 420 Magazine Sales Team (advertising@420Magazine.com), and I hope you persue that option and become a valued sponsor of 420 Magazine. Please go forth in the world and let everyone know that 420 Magazine is also on the battlegrounds and in the trenches, as we bring the message of cannabis awareness to the world.
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mark t allen

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if i had the money to sponcer ricks website i would in a flash...but why dont you donate it....after all...the truth is free...is conscience?
as far as ricks site goes...it is for sick and dying...not a hang out spot...and rick would treat your cancers ,for free....
and if i had a magizine and it supports hemp....the cancer cure would be on the cover...imagine how many copies you could sell..and the good it could do...
again no money...no hope.....good thing there's lots of support...can you feel the love.....mark t allen
big hug

Amy Lynn

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I had an old back injury for 5 years and Rick Simpson supplied the hemp oil to me and now I am free of pain. I recommend this oil to everyone for any health issue.
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