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Hemp oil verses Cannabis oil


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Hi all.
I would appreciate any comments advice on my dilema. I have been taking charlottes webb hemp oil for the past 2 weeks. with some effect but not complete pain relief. I have done some research but still baffled as to whether this medication is as effective as cannibas oil ? which I have since seen since purchasing my original hemp. I do not want it to contain any thc. I have three incurable condtions cancer., puliminory fibrosis and emphaysimia. Thanks in advance.


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You have to be careful in understanding just what is Hemp Oil or Hemp Seed Oil or Cannabis Oil.

They are all forms of Cannabis oil. But they are also very different from each other.

Hemp seed oil has no thc or cbd.

Hemp oil or charlottes webb is cannabis oil that has low thc and high cbd.

Hemp is just low thc cannabis. charlottes webb is a high cbd low thc strain of cannabis.

The thc is what a lot of people use to fight cancer and for pain.

Cbd is more for brain things like epilepsy.

A combination of the two can be used for many things.

SwettSue on here knows a lot about all the oils and how to use them. You might want to check out some of her threads.

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