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Hello all.
Ive been working in the print world for the last 8 or 9 years and even more recently working with paper distributors for printing presses and print shops. The entire time I have been greatly disappointed by the lack of any hemp paper available. After all hemp makes superior paper, and is actually easier to make coated or smooth paper out of. (note that statement is not meant for diy projects, but actual paper mills) After all hemp paper used to be the primary paper even the Constitution of the United States of America was written on it. It would seem as if the only Hemp Paper I can find is really just novelty, speckled, laid, dyed and discolored.
If hemp paper is to make an impact there needs to be a solid production line including text weights range from 60#text up to 130#cover; besides that two colors white and natural; and then they need different finishes including, smooth, glossy, and matte.

If anyone has links to mills that provide paper of this caliber it would make me much happier and I would push the sales of that paper 100%.
If anyone just happens to have a paper mill that would like to start production; well good luck and contact me

thanks for chillen with me :51:


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Do you think the legal status on Hemp (making good quality paper unavailable) will affect the keeping of history in the long run, due to the easy and quick dilapidation of todays paper as compared to Hemp.

I too would like to see a real Full line of Hemp paper to be available for purchase.
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