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Hemp shares making big dollars


Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2017
The Australian stock exchange has a company called QBL on its lists .

Its shares are only 2 c each and doubling .
I bought a heap and am doubling my money .

Hemp legal on November 12 is why

Just had to share with you all our opportunity to make some cash!



Creme de la Creme Photos: Sept 2017
Just watch your entry price , when I posted this they were 0.02 now they went all the way up to0.038 now back down to 0.030 .
Short term there can be large price fluctuations up and down that can unnerve investors that's why it's good to get in at a good price

Long term ,yes ,there is room for a lot of profit the shares are at 0.030 right now that's 3 cents .
If someone was to buy them and put them away and come back and look in a years time it could be $1.00 that's over 33x what u put in .
So say u took a gamble and invested only $500 it could x 33 to $16500 or it could end up at $250 .

All signs are good for a long term investment however those looking to make money quickly say intra day need to be aware of the price swings and when to enter and exit (day trading) more than 1 wag to skin a cat !

Just gotta figure out what works for you.
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