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Hemp Sports: Time Now For Hemp And Tares

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
With many of our local waters going clear and losing flow it is surely time to get out the hemp and tares.

All the early coloured water conditions we had over the past few months have gone and we are now looking at presenting smaller baits on more delicate rigs if we are going to have a really good day's sport.

The River Nene from Oundle right through to Peterborough should be in tip-top form and I would expect to hear of some really big weights taken on seed baits this coming weekend.

Watch out for the Nene Summer League which will be taking place at Milton, Orton Upstream and Downstream on Sunday. But apart from that match there is next to nothing on the whole of the river.

Look for a peg that has any flow at all, a little bit of movement will ensure the fish feed. Keep the hemp seed going in on a little but often basis, fish a light float and you should be in business.

It is not just on rivers that seed baits work either, the likes of the Twenty Foot and Forty Foot drains have huge shoals of roach and also the Old Nene system from Benwick through to March are ideal waters.

The River Welland has seen a few nets of skimmers and bream recently with the odd big tench also coming out from the low 600s. Weed is going to be a problem if the warm weather continues but with so few anglers fishing on it you will have the pick of the pegs.

Stillwaters have been in cracking form of late, particularly those stocked with carp.

Weston Lake is a very popular choice for young and old with fish ranging from a few ounces to well over 20lb.

Still out to the north of Peterborough, Gerards Carp Lake has seen good fish taken recently and I hear the likes of Ross Lake at Pode Hole and North View Lakes at Murrow have also been producing excellent sport.

Over at Whittlesey, Railway Lakes looks a good bet for those that enjoy surface fishing for carp, especially early mornings and late in the day.

Pellet and paste is the best approach at Kingsland right now. Try and get a corner peg on the two carp lakes for best results.

You will also need sweetcorn
and luncheon meat as back-up baits and I heard a lot of fish are taken off the top.

Pike and zander anglers have found plenty of action from smaller fish on several of our local waters but there are no doubles to report.

Although Ferry Meadows is not fishing too well for silver fish this could well be one of the best waters to try for a big predator, particularly on the Gunwade Lake.

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