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Hemp Turns White Wedding Green

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Tampa, Florida - Jander Gray and Autumn Wells are planning to tie the knot.
"I am not worried about it being perfect. You know, the flower girl starts crying hysterically... it will be memorable. It won't be the end of the world," said Autumn.

On the list of memorable items: a wedding dress that goes along with Wells' green sensibility. "Just like I eat organic fruit, I wanted it to be as organic as possible. It's the same as my dress. I wanted there to be hemp as well, " she said. Ahni Radvanyi is designing the gown.

"We think of the 60's, we think of the 70's when everything hung off you... well this is not the 60's or the 70's. This is 2008, and we want to take this fiber and make it trendy," said Radvanyi.

At Hyde Park Hemp, where Radvanyi's clothes are on sale, the fiber goes into everything, from clothes to cosmetics... even skateboards. "People who think of potato sacks when they hear the word 'hemp,' can be very wrong," Radvanyi said.

It is illegal to grow hemp in the United States, so all the ingredients for the fashion-forward frocks and hip hemp products are imported.

And no, you can't smoke the dress.

Source: Tampa Bay's 10 News
Copyright: 2008, Tampa Bay's 10 News
Contact: David Leonard, Tampa Bay's 10 News
Website: Hemp turns white wedding green - Tampa Bays Local News
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