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Hemp vs. the DEA


Nug of the Month: Aug 2008
Advocates say legalizing hemp farming could bring millions of dollars to Oregon, but the DEA won't allow it.

Hemp, which has no effect as a drug but can be used to produce food, fuel, building materials and textiles, cannot escape its association with marijuana.

Advocates say the simple act of letting Oregon farmers grow hemp could eventually bring millions of dollars into the state. Canadian farmers made more than $8 million on hemp last year, according to the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance. Advocates in Oregon say once a homegrown U.S. hemp industry gets started, the potential profits here are far greater.

But the DEA refuses, making this the only industrialized nation in the world where farmers can't grow hemp.

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New Member
You know were i live i talked to a few old farmers and everyone grew
hemp during ww2 .

My neighbor who grew up on a farm thinks his mom still has the paper
from the gov saying it was ok to grow.


New Member
I'd try and get a photo copy of the Gov. document she has and post it up on all bulletin boards in the area. Name blacked out of course.
And maybe offer it as a download here or somewhere on the web, so peeps could make protest signs and etc. out of it they try to bring awareness to and educate the masses.
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