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Hemp Would Help The World


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If the world would just look up the words "industrial hemp" on Google, it would realize that we could solve the food and fuel problem in a matter of a few years. Food, fuel, fibre, building materials and medicine all come from the hemp plant. In fact, the tops go for food and the stalks go for fuel, so it is like growing two crops in one field. But using hemp might break Big Oil's stranglehold on all of us, which is why the media don't talk about it.

Russell Barth, Nepean, Ont.


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Amen Brother
They have been blinded into thinking it's pothead issue.
The Evil weed destroys All!

What was it Boss said/figured/quoted,
with 6% of our Current agricultre acreage planted with hemp ,
we could produce 90% of Our Energy needs.
Seems I also saw where,
the LeftOvers can be used for animal food.

Why the hell,
send billions of dollars to the middle east
when we can keep it here in Our pockets.

Some folks Just ain't got Good Sense.
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