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Hempy OC+/DWC Multi Strain Perpetual HID Bonanaza!


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Hey Blazin looks like a crowded room!

I'm glad your hempies are working out. I love it.

crowded it was indeed my friend when those pics were taken. However it is much more spread out now, the veg cab has been thinned out by giving a few plants away to some friends including all the remaining buddha just because i didnt care for it. Also the 2 dwc buckets have been switched into bud due to the over crowded area.

The bud area has also spread way out with an additional 1000w hps so there is currently 1600w of hps and i think there is 10 or 12 plants budding ill get some more pics up tonight or tommorow


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Transplanting 3 of my personal picks of the great white shark stock today, i think out of like 9 started i ended up with 5 or 6 to pick from and lost 1 to some excess miracle grow soil still being entangled in the root system.

I got some clones off the one i like the best thus far and will probablly keep as the mother of the great white shark stock. It is a mid rate grower in comparison to its sisters as far as height goes, however it has much more branching then even the tallest of the group. A good mother choice imo.

My 4 soil moms are having a hell of a time with the transition to bud. It seems like every plant that ive tried to bud with any remnants of miracle grow soil remaining around the roots just turns into a disaster. Now i have 4 larger plants in nothing but mg!!! I dont know what i am going to do!

As for the deep water culture aspect of this grow i have a blackberry and a skunk from clone each in their own 5gal bucket diy dwc system. I dont have a ppm meter so ive been messing with how much nute solution i do on each different bucket for comparison.
It seems that the blackberry that i gave more nutrients than the other 1 this last res change is getting some really funky coloring to the roots!

I have to say there is no real tell tale signs of damage on the topside but the roots are definitely taking on some odd variations of color. While making the most recent res change i dipped the roots in some h202/super thrive while i rinsed and renewed the res.
This produced fantastic results and brought the roots right back to their original white pigment.

However i added the exact some amount of nutrient solution to the res and again within 24 hours the roots were back to the brownish color they currently are. I think its been like 3 or 4 days since i changed the res and it hasnt effected the looks of the foliage what so ever. From what i can tell it must just be the stronger nutrient solution staining the roots? Any ideas comments?

Ive been writing this post all day and just read up on the back of the mg soil bag and there are practically no micro nutrients in there at all. So i have added some oc+ to all 4 now and will water the shit out of them.

Ummm all my other hempies are doing fantastic, i know that 2liter hempy from clone into bud will be fine but how long should i let a clone veg in a hempy before its going to get root bound?

Peace and pictures tonight :)


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Alright its been a long time coming but i am on my way to the lab 2 clean up and then take an ass load of pictures so check back


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Alright long overdue and not the best quality as all ways but i did get quite a few so here is whats been up.

Ive been putting like 1-4 plants into bud every week for like the past 5 or 6 weeks and harvest for the first few put in is coming up here in 2-3 weeks.

This is 1 out of 2 of my dwc 5gal buckets i have 3 air pumps running the 2 buckets with 2 medium round air stone's in each.

DWC Blackberry about a month into bud. She's right at or a tad taller than 2feet.

DWC Skunk also a month along 12/12. Probably about 20inches.

This is a 3gal hempy with 2 blackberry clones in it, they demand a bit more cal/mag then the rest of the crowd along with the super lemon and got a bit deficient, bud growth has not slowed. They are both around 12-14 inches and went straight into 12/12 from clone.

I wish my pictures were better because this ceres skunk is truly amazing. The trichromes are just everywhere and the buds stack very nicely. It has since been pruned a bit.

This is a crappy pic of 1 of my tables i use in my bud area, the skunk above is furthest left in the back, the 2 dwc buckets sit on the floor and there is a rather large great white shark furthest right.
Also in the mix there is the 2 blackberry, a jack herer 12/12 from clone, an afghan kush clone along with a super lemon haze as well.

My 2 afghan kush mom's, they sure are bushy i cant wait to flower some 2 footers of this strain.

Great white shark moms, this strain is truly a behemoth, if it stands up to the claims of it being a high yielding strain i will most definitely be supporting branches soon, these girls are very unique.

Kind of drifting away from the hempy and dwc and back into my old grow but the moms of all these wonderful children are going strong still in the sh*t a*s p*ss miracle grow soil, even though when they got put into bud all 4 became completely micro nutrient deficient, because mg soil has n-p-k and zinc! So after trying a few different things on each i have gotten them all at least still growing their buds.

This 1st is some super lemon haze, it has now been transplanted into some miracle grow organic choice mixed with oc+ perlite and dolomite lime, and watered in with 1/4 strength general hydro flora line.

Skunk was hit the first and the worst and although alot of foliage was lost and alot is still damaged all the bud sites are green and lush with thrichromes, what foliage was not horribly damages is becoming green again as well.

The cola on the skunk is about 10inches long and fattening up nicely.

Not nearly as damaged as the skunk but still fighting the micro nutrient deficencies with the blackberry as well. It has been transplanted as well into a bit of mg organic choice mixed with perlite oc+ and dolomite lime. Next watering will have a good dose of cal/mag.

Jack herer was the first to be transplanted and got the advantage of being transplanted from a 4gal 2 an 18gal pot of pro mix and oc+. It has recovered fully and will probably be the highest yield out of the 4 moms but we shall see.


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Wow your grow room is looking nice dude.

What you see in the pics is really only like half the story!

I have new mothers of each strain coming up in hempy's right now and they are loving it, the jack herer and blackberry have already gotten big enough to where i have a few clones of those each in my aerocloner. Also in veg my super lemon and skunk mothers will be ready for cloning in a week or so.

Also not pictured is my aerocloner, in there i have clones of my 1 out of 2 great white shark moms, the 1 that i put into bud today, to keep that genetic line around.
Some afghan kush clones off the bigger mother, if the 1 i have in bud is for sure female i will bud out the smaller afghan.

Along with all that i have a couple other jack herer's blackberry's and super lemon haze vegging that will go into bud staggered through the next few weeks.


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pbr bluedog thanks alot guys i really appreciate it.

I truely have been at this for a little under a year now and started out simply with an incandescent underneath a table with bag seeds. It sure has came a long way!

Along the line i cant tell you how many plants died or got thrown out from simply not knowing what the hell i was doing.

I must say that the crowd here at 420 has been most helpful, twisting and turning through the forums here has given me alot of the knowledge that is due to my success today. Bluedog, 420, bandit and all the other hempy growers out there all deserve a big thumbs up man, to get yourself going and learn the most about your plants and what they need, the hempy is where its at.

This grow will be taking a relatively large shift again here in the near future.

A little list of the plans for the near future:

6-8 rubbermaid tubs somewhere between 18-25 gals

These tubs will be made into dwc tubs by adding 4 8in net pot's to the lids of each.

In the bottom of the tubs i will use 2x 12 or 14in air stone's for each.

I am really looking for good recommendations on the best air supply for this many stones.
I think i will just buy like 2x 4 output air pumps at every hydro store and put a 4way manifold on each.

I really like the flora line by general hydro but i may be interested in running general's organic line considering i wont be needing any submersible pumps in the tubs.

I will keep the same idea with my perpetual cycle by staggering my cuttings into the cloner. Each dwc tub will contain 4 plants of the same strain, this way i am keeping everything uniform and can give each strain the attention it needs separately.

Anyways i feel like i am rambling but i will try to get some better pics up soon.


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Doc sure knows whats up and there's no 2 ways around it lol.
Still if it wasn't for everyone here i wouldn't be near where i am now and that includes you 2 blue!

I dont know how long its been since i took them last pics but i think they're from 3/30 or something so considering i have nothing to do, ill post some more up for ya's today.

Hopefully i can start attracting more people here i like the threads where someone is constantly postin. My shitty pics probly got something to do with it lol


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This is the super lemon haze cola

And the super lemon plant

Nice skunk cola

Skunk plant

blackberry, i know pics r pretty shitty but im trying to get better, doing some different lighting and stuff but this was a fail lol

jack herer

These are all the moms, the great white shark is the biggest and will be put into bud soon, just waiting for some of her clones to take root and clip a few more first.
Unfortunately i had 3 regular Afghan kush seeds germinate out of 5 and 2 of 3 now after cloning and sexing have turned out 2 be males. The medium size plant in the light blue bucket is the only afghan i have left, clipped like 3 clones from it the other day will sex them upon rooting.

DWC blackberry

DWC Skunk

Side by Side of the 2

i accidentally deleted some of the pics from yesterday so, when the lights go out in 45 mins ill snap a few more.

Also i got a decent pic editor so i can produce some better pics for you guys.


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Alright i think i have a pic in this journal somewhere of a big tall awkward shaped veg/mother/clone cabinet, although the new 1 is smaller i think i will soon just have a mother/clone cab and a veg cab like it should be.

Anyway heres a couple of shots of the new cab, its 7ft x 2ft x 3 1/2ft.



A skunk 12/12 from clone

My blackberry twins (1s a little taller now)



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Although a bit pre-mature, by like a week on the skunk and about 2 weeks on the blackberrys pictured above, i will be harvesting those 3 plants tonight. Unfortunately the woman and i are running into a bud crisis so i will loose a couple grams on the blackberry but nothing substantial, they are already much more dense than the skunk.

Smoke reports soon :)
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