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Hempy size question


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So, I've done hempy cloning to soil, but never tried a full hempy grow before.
I've been convinced and will be giving hempy a try next round.
There seem to be a wide variety of sizes involved and I usually see much smaller plants from the 2L soda or smaller containers.
What size should I be shooting for if I want to grow without any size limitation?


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5 gallon to be safe. It's usually 1 gallon for every month the plant will be alive. I've been doing all my grows and cloning in hempy. Usually when you see 2 liter bottles, it's clones or 12/12 from seed. I use 3 gallon and 5 gallon buckets. If you got anymore hempy questions, feel free to ask


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That works perfect. I always start mine in a 16 ounce solo cup and then transplant into final bucket after 2 weeks. But with an auto just straight into final home. I look forward to subbing up to that grow
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