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Hep C patients in Canada prescribed Marijuana? Ontario?

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Hello everyone, I myself have Hep C and have had it now for about say 16yrs. I think that I'm starting to feel more symptoms then what I did in the beginning. It was a common thing in our home while I grew up...all of my life anyhow! When I feel nausea I burn one and it subsides long enough to eat and eat, which in my opinion isn't a bad thing but I could sometimes try and eat something healthier or some kind of food geared toward someone who has a liver problem. I know that doctor's prescribe special diets for hep c patients, I haven't asked for that tho...maybe I should? I was just sharing a bit of my story so that others who have hep c can share a bit of their story and help me decide whats the best route... I guess what I'm really asking is there anyone out there who receives medical mj in canada for hep c???
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