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Hepatitis B Got Neg


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:Namaste: Friends Myself Jazz I am from India But I moved Out To USA In 2008.. I Was Hepatitis B Positive My parents Found out When i was age of16 to 17.. I been In hospitals alot. But Miracle happens. I moved to USA 2008 and i been smoking marijuana .. after 2 years I got my blood checked In India And Doc Told me There Is no Hepatitis?.. I was bit Surprised No Meds ,No Treatment nothing ? and Dises Got Negative.... Then i found out Yes Marijuana did Cuz due to Hepatitis i cant eat to much and Diarrhea Problems .. But After My Medical Marijuana Changed my Life. More Hungry ,No Diarrhea ,No Liver Problems. Thanks Marijuana For New Life..

Only My Wife and My Family Know About My This Miracle Happens and Today Everyone @420 ..

Please Legaliz:thumb:e Marijuana .
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