Hepatitis C by Anonymous

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Hepatitis C by Anonymous​

About three years ago I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. The treatment of this has been hard. The medication that you have to take to cure this is something that no one should have to endure. I've tried this medication (interferon) twice now and made it through 7 weeks of the 49 that I was supposed to do before winding up in the hospital bleeding out my rear and severely dehydrated I have now been told I have rheumatoid joint problems along with severe fatigue and muscle pains and can't really eat or sleep anymore. In the past 3 years I've been on a lot of medications, as you can imagine-- a total of 14. Some didn't work, most made me horribly sick. I've been losing weight, can't sleep, and have a constant upset stomach. I. I used to smoke weed many years ago and now I've started smoking again.. All the pain meds and everything else I've been on don't hold a candle to smoking pot. The first day I smoked I had a fairly decent appetite and wasn't in as much pain. My wife can't believe how much the pot helped me. I've stopped taking all my stomach medications and only take a pain pill once in a while now instead of all day long. Society would rather have me addicted to morphine or some other narcotic, which is my next step in pain medication. I really don't want that. Pot has helped me stay off the heavy meds. . It's too bad that the people making decisions on what we can take and can't take will never know how beneficial this is. What is even sadder is that I can go to prison for this. I hope some day someone can explain it to me.

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