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Heraldo Is In Over His Head


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I'm flowering in a 1x1m tent with a 260w quantum board and vegging in a 90x60cm tent with a 120w board.
I tried to take on too many projects at once (a sort of perpetual and some small scale breeding) and it's a bit of a mess, but possibly not a total failure..

Flower tent:

6 plants including solo cup girl that are 78 days old. I'm pretty sure they're a bit stunted because of low temps... Unknown strain a neighbour of mine grows outdoors. Seems pretty stable. Took some pollen from one of their brothers to cross with one or two of the girls that are in veg now.

2 auto Jack Herrer I got as a freebie that haven't turned out too well.They're 25 days old and no signs of having flowered. I messed this stage of the grow up pretty bad and will try to make up for it with the girls in the veg tent.

Veg tent:

I've got a nice little mix of strains I'm pretty happy with in here. Twilight, Gelato, auto Amnesia Gold and auto Moham Ram. They're 9 days old. I've grown all of them except for Moham Ram before and have been fairly pleased with the results.
I'm probably going to flip them a bit earlier than I'd like so that I don't waste space in the flower tent too long.

That's all for now,

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Hi Heraldo! I know that any others that stop by to help are going to want to know more about your grow set up (soil/coco, are you ph-ing, what kind of nutes you’re using, etc.) It looks to me like they are starving to death. It’ll help diagnose the trouble if we can have more info.


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Hi, thanks for stopping by! They're growing in soil in 5, 7 and 12L pots (I just mix and match depending on what I have available). I feed them every other watering, loosely following topcrop's feeding schedule. I use BAC's veg and flower and topcrop's microvita (microbes), big one (flower stimulator), top bud (fattener) and top candy (carbs) PH'd to 6.
Not sure if I forgot any essential details. I'm actually glad to know they look hungry because I usually tend to overfeed my plants. Pulled back a bit too much this time i guess.

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To start the advice train, I’m sure you’ll get more advice than just mine, you want your ph to be between 6.0-7.0, so you’re within the range, but at the very lowest.
Here’s a little chart that shows individual nutrient uptake.

If you go more towards 6.5, and let it go up and down from there a little, you’ll see some better results.
I’m not familiar with that nutrient line you’re using, but I use nutrients every time I water. Looking at your pics, I’d say you have a pretty extreme Nitrogen deficiency happening. There may be other contributing factors of nutrient lockout happening, but I think a beneficial place to start is increasing the ph and using nutrients with every watering.
Hope this helps!!


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The older girls are 81 days old (we'll just call the strain T). They got their first feeding with 6.5 ph yesterday. By the next update we should be able to see some results.
Pink pistils.

Jack Herer autos day 28. Looking better but I still don't have high hopes...

Veg girls day 12. The fun is about to start.

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The yellowing leaves will probably stay yellow. To know you’re solving the trouble, look for it to not get worse. For the babies, they should stay nice and green for you the whole time. :high-five:

For the JH auto, I don’t see pistils yet, so that’s a good sign. She still has stretch coming, so she could still surprise you!


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I'll hang around!

Just give me a poke if ya need help. I generally just lurk & watch unless summoned. LoL


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This is probably going to be the most frequently updated journal I've had due to the whole quarantine thing... Not much more to do than stare at my plants...

Ts are 83 days old. I fed them 1/2 strength today because I saw some leaftips are burnt. Not sure if new growth looks greener or I'm just being hopeful. The dude I got the seeds from only grows outdoors and I assume adds a bit of compost to the soil at most. I'm thinking this strain isn't used to being overfed. These girls are the 2nd generation to grow indoors in who knows how many years.

CJs are 30 days old. Will most likely get fed tomorrow. I'm still not sure if I want to do some LST on them or not. Might not even need to...

Babies are 14 days old. Twilights will need to begin training soon.


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Ts are 84 days old. Took a few dead leaves off.

JHs are at 31 days. Saw first preflowers today.

Babies are 15 days old. Gave them their first watering since transplanting. 1 twilight started training.

There are 8 solo cups behind the babies with some seeds I made a while ago. Not really sure what I'll do with them but I have time to figure it out


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Ts day 86: leaves are definitely getting paler. buds are pretty though. they've got a earthy, piney smell.

JH day 33: training time

Babies day 17: they're all just doing their own thing



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flower tent

I'm guessing Ts have about a month to go (on day 89 now). Really loving the hot pink pistils.
JHs got tied down a bit more. Lower branches are starting to get some light. Day 36.

veg tent
the babies aren't babies anymore. They're 20 days old . Will flip them in about a week.
new babies in the back. most broke surface yesterday.
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