Heraldo - Star Kush X Amnesia - DYNOMYCO 2023 - Solo Cup Challenge


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Day 1 of the @DYNOMYCO solo cup challenge for me.
Reckon within minutes. @Bill284 loves U Hooks @VIVOSUN now sell them!

Me I’m more a toothpick then chopstick kinda guy. But she looks great. Just a little support while she finds her legs!


Chop sticks are taller and will be handy in your solo grow. :thumb:
In a perfect world I wouldn't leave a girl that long in a solo.
So extra hight isn't needed
Anybody live in that perfect world. 😂🤣
Lovem Amigo. :yahoo:
Good Morning. :ciao:

#VIVOSUN #Love What You Grow
Bill284 😎
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