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This is my first photoperiod run ever indoors. Did some selecting and ended up with 1 main girl in a 12L pot and 2 scrawny girls I kept around to make a few seeds. The bigger one is some unknown bagseed and the smaller ones are from a local dude that just grows outdoors naturally. Male is from the same guy.
It's around day 60 (bagseed's been flowering for 3 weeks, locals for 2) and I pollinated a couple of buds of each today. 40x40cm tent is crammed as you can see... It's the smaller ones first day under LED, so hopefully they'll start to look better soon.

Anyone have any pointers on taking pics with lights off? I'm terrified of light leak.


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Hiya @Heraldo , nice looking bunch! I like the training, I enjoy doing that but didn't have the opportunity on my current grow. I think if you put on your white light and then turn your blurples off to take your pictures during light hours your girls won't even bat an eyelash about it.

I'm pretty inexperienced still but I've grown a few nice looking plants with a fair amount of light leaks. Nothing major, it's still dark as a cloudy night but my room isn't entirely devoid of light. Granted it's rare, but I've opened doors during lights off, stuck a flashlight in there, forgot to seal a crack between a room with a light on and light off for a evening...I feel like as long as it's not been excsessive and I stayed on my good 12/12 schedule, my plants could care less.


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Thanks for stopping by, Pbass. Will definitely try switching off blurples next time I take pics.
I always have to do some training because of the small space, but it was extra fun trying to get these 3 to fit and stay around the same height.


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About day 90. I've started to slowly shorten light hours in an attempt to trick the smaller girls into finishing flowering.

The bigger girl is getting flushed and will be cut down in about a week. I'm only going to leave the nugs that have seeds so they can mature. For some reason her seeds aren't maturing as fast as the smaller girls.

I harvested the seeds from the smallest girl and it looks like they came out OK (forgot to take pics). I'll harvest the other girls seeds in a week or 2 just to be safe. Not expecting much yield as far as nugs go, but they have pretty pink pistils.


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Was planning on harvesting in about a week, but there was some white mold beginning to form on one of the buds. That's what I get for wanting to sleep with the fan off... I'll be harvesting when I get back from work today to avoid any real damage. Looks like I've got at least a dozen viable seeds, so that's cool.
Will probably make a bit of hash with the trimmings and popcorn:3:

Here's what they look like on execution day:


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Closing post:
I'm guessing I'll end up with about 20g of bud (it was more like 25 when I jarred them, but it looks like they're still losing a bit of water weight), 1g of bubblehash that didn't last very long:smokin2: and a bungload of seeds to play god with.
Quite a sad yield considering I didn't even break 0.2g/watt. Maybe I'll get it right next time:hmmmm:

Best looking nugs



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Hope all is well in your world.

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