Herbies Updates 20th July 2017

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Holy Smoke Strawberry Stardawg Fems

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Buddha Seeds Calamity Jane Fems - Sativa strain, 75 days flowering, Sweet and penetrating citrus flavours

Dark Horse Genetics Gorilla Glue # 4 (limited number available) - Developed by GG Strains, Indica dominant, GG#4 x GG#4, Pungent and earthy aromas, Heavy handed euphoric and couch locking effects

Advanced Amnesia Fems - Sativa dominant, 18% THC, Lemon, spice and insense flavour and aromas, Powerful cerebral, stimulating effects

Ace Snow Moon Fems - , 80% Indica, 7-9 Weeks flowering, THC of 12-16%, CBD <1%, Floaty, effects

Ace Panama x Bangi Haze Fems - 10th Generation Panama Goddess x 8th Generation Bangi Haze F29, 80% Sativa, THC of 18-21%, 10-11 Weeks flowering

Ace Malawi x Panama Fems - 100% Sativa, Old Malawi Killer x Panama Goddess genetics, 21-26% THC, 10-12 Weeks flowering

Ace Early Bubba Hash Fems - Bubba Kush/Hashplant (#64) 90's x Afghani Erdpurt, 100% Indica, High yields with aromas of Hash, coffee, wet soil and forest fruit, Good for pain, anxiety and insomnia

Ace Congo x Kali China Fems - 70% Sativa, 10-12 Weeks Flowering, 15-18% THC, Floral and lemon aromas

Ace Gwawi Fems - 85% Sativa, Old Malawi Killer x Tikal F5, 17-23% THC and <1% CBD, Overpowering sativa effects

Ace Auto Malawi x Northern Lights - Ace's first auto strain, 50/50 indica/sativa, 15% THC, <1% CBD, Dreamy and narcotic effects

Dutch Passion High Potency Auto Mix - Combination of 3 strains, Think Different Auto, Auto Ultimate and Auto Cinderella Jack

Other Updates

We currently have a promotion from Kannabia Seeds to launch their new Purple Kush strain we are giving a free Purple Kush away with every order while stocks last. Choose to receive your free seed at checkout.

If you are in the UK and order via our £6.99 option, you can get a Vision Seeds goody bag which includes a grinder, stickers and tips (while stocks last)

If you are ordering with cash internationally, save 10% by sending us the cash in GBP, you will see the details at checkout.
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